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    We are a supplier/service provider for overseas customers to provide a complete set of automotive heating and cooling parts!

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    We can provide automobile enterprises with heating and cooling parts service supplier procurement!

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    Provide high quality service, strict control of product quality, affordable products!

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    Quality assurance 99.99%, timely delivery cycle, automobile heating and cooling parts to complete the solution!


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Our Blog

  • Enjoy comfort, all in the parking air conditioner

    In the hot summer, whether it is a long-distance trip or a short stop, the high temperature inside the car makes people feel uncomfortable. In order to make your driving experience more comfortable, the MIYTOKJ parking air conditioner came into being. Our parking air conditioner has the following...

  • Parking air conditioning: The secret to automotive comfort

    In hot summers or cold winters, when the vehicle is parked, the temperature inside the vehicle may rise or decrease rapidly, causing discomfort to the driver and passengers. This is where parking air conditioning comes into play. Parking air conditioning is a specially designed automotive air con...

  • Water-heated parking heater: The warm companion of cars in winter

    In the cold winter, when drivers are faced with frozen car seats and a cold interior environment, the water-heated parking heater becomes their helpful assistant. This heater provides warmth by circulating hot water, creating a comfortable driving environment for the driver. The working principle...

  • What is aluminum foil bellows? What role does it play?

    Aluminum foil bellows usually refers to the heating pipeline associated with the parking heating system of the vehicle. This pipeline system is mainly used to transfer the hot air generated by the parking heater to the interior of the vehicle, in order to provide heating effect inside the vehicle...

  • Why install parking air conditioning? Is it not possible to idle and turn on the air conditioning?

    The advantages of parking air conditioning compared to idle car air conditioning are: cost saving, safety, and comfort. 1、 Save money For example, taking an 11 liter diesel engine as an example, the fuel consumption at idle for one hour is about 2-3 liters, which is equivalent to RMB 16-24 at cu...