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  • Where is the parking fuel heater generally used?

    The parking fuel heater is an auxiliary accessory that is independent of the engine system and does not affect the fuel consumption of the car. It can meet the heating needs of different environments. The general fuel is diesel, and its application fields are generally passenger cars, household c...

  • What specific precautions should be taken after the installation of the parking heater?

    After the installation is completed, it is necessary to first supplement the antifreeze and try the machine again Due to the loss of antifreeze during the installation process of the car preheater, it is not advisable to start the machine without replenishing the antifreeze after installation. Wi...

  • It is necessary to equip large trucks with parking heaters in winter

    The job of long-distance truck drivers is full of challenges, especially in the cold winter. In high latitude countries, temperatures may plummet to below zero, which poses great difficulties for long-distance transportation. Truck drivers must work in low temperatures to ensure safe transportati...

  • Winter cars are equipped with parking heaters, which are both energy-saving and fuel-efficient

    The parking heater is very useful and rarely consumes your battery power. Unlike the car air conditioner, if the car is not turned on and the air conditioner is turned on, you will need to constantly use the battery power. A car battery will not last long and the next day the car may not be able ...

  • How does the car parking heater work? Do you need to consume fuel during use?

    The car fuel heater, also known as the parking heating system, is an independent auxiliary heating system on the vehicle that can be used after turning off the engine or providing auxiliary heating during driving. It is generally divided into two types: water heating system and air heating system...