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Our Blog

  • The refrigeration principle of a parked car air conditioner

    The refrigeration principle of parking air conditioning is similar to that of ordinary air conditioning, which mainly relies on the circulation of refrigerant to achieve. First, the compressor inhales and compresses the low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant to turn it into a high-t...

  • Advantages of Parking Air Conditioners in Summer

    The summer parking air conditioner exhibits many unique advantages. Its convenience allows people to enjoy cool air without starting the vehicle engine while parked, saving energy and reducing engine wear. Its quiet operation characteristics do not cause too much noise interference for the people...

  • How can we ensure stable and reliable performance of the parked car air conditioner?

    To ensure stable and reliable performance of the parked car air conditioner, you can start from the following aspects: Regular maintenance: including cleaning the filter, checking if the refrigerant is sufficient, and inspecting for loose connections. Proper usage: operate according to the manual...

  • For long drives or situations where you need to park for a long time, a roof-mounted air conditioner is indispensable.

    In the case of long driving or long parking, the importance of parking air conditioning is increasingly prominent. When driving a long distance, the driver and passengers will stay in the car for a long time, and the high temperature outside the car and direct sunlight can easily make the car bec...

  • Parking air conditioner: a refreshing companion in summer

    In the scorching summer, with the high sun and unbearable heat, the parking air conditioner undoubtedly becomes a necessary item for many car owners. When the vehicle is parked, the parking air conditioner begins to play its important role, creating a small cool world inside the vehicle. With its...